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Japanese artist from Osaka.


She completed her art studies at the University of Kyoto, getting specialty in painting. Later she moved to Tokyo, where she lives and works.


Her passion for painting led him to experience, day after day, with the texture of the oil.

Through large patches, it generated little details with a wide selection of  color, where the landscape

And some human figures are the stars.


Consisting of a series of paintings inspired by scenes taken on the street where strong sunlight illuminates the timing promptly. She draws particular attention as countries can become differentiated according to the intensity of light. And this role in our daily lives and in our memories.


The use of color and distinctive use of lights in the paintings of Tomoko certainly directly capture

The attention of those who look.





text by Beatriz Pellés

2004 B.A.of fine Arts,Kyoto Univercity of Art,Kyoto Japan

2006 M.A.of fine Arts,Kyoto Univercity of Art,Kyoto Japan


Solo show


2017”LICHT” Gallery fukka (Tokyo)

2016”PARALLEL 2.0” YIRI ARTS Pier-2 (Kaohsiung )

2016”LICHT” XPO (Enschede)


2015”BEACON” un petit Garage (Tokyo)

2014 “STOROBO” Yoyogi art gallery (Tokyo)

2014 “EL DORADO” Gallery fukka (Tokyo)

2014 ”EL DORADO” Quinta del sordo (Madrid)

2013 ”Waiting room” Art waiting room (Tokyo)

2012 “Super hero” Gallery fukka (Tokyo)


Group Show

2014 “TAKE A CHILL PILL” La Farmacia (Madrid)



2016 “Super Hero” TETEM (Enschede)



2010 “Hamamatsu Art Prize “ (Citizens Award)



2014”Contemporary Art Foundation Grant Program” Contemporary Art Foundation 



2016 ARE Holland (The Netherlands Enschede)

2014 Intercambiator (Spain Madrid)



2006 “TEKU TEKU DEUTSCH” (Wani  Books

photo by Marta Goro

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